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Roman Catholic Diocese of Dallas

This process is mandated and strictly enforced by the Catholic Diocese of Dallas; it consists of the following steps:

          1. Complete a Diocese of Dallas SEP screening form,
              in which you will be asked to provide:
                     A. Three personal references who will be contacted.
                     B. Consent to a criminal background check
                          (must be re-checked every two years).

          2. Attend the initial Safe Environment training session,
              "Family of Faith."

          3. Contact the Pastoral Center to arrange for a personal interview                     (approximately 15 minutes), at which time a photo I.D. will be taken for your Volunteer Badge. This may be scheduled at the time of your Safe Environment class if you areattending the class at St. Cecilia. If, however, you attend a class in another parish, you still will need to arrange for a personal interview and to have your photo taken at St. Cecilia.
It takes approximately three weeks to complete the process after your training class. If you have children that attend St. Cecilia School and you wish to participate in their activities as a volunteer, you must have already completed this process beforehand.

With the implementation of the Diocesan Safe Environment Program, Saint Cecilia Catholic Church demonstrates the standard to which we, as Christians living in a faith community, will hold all those who are privileged to work with our children, elderly, vulnerable adults, and indeed all of our church family.

If you have questions, please e-mail

Safe Environment Director

Our diocesan policies, ethics and integrity in ministry, are rooted in the Catholic understanding that each individual must be respected and honored. Jesus had a deep, abiding respect for each human being and would not harm or mislead anyone in his or her personal or spiritual life. We, the church, must do likewise. Our policies cover four areas of possible harm: immoral conduct, exploitation, harassment, and abuse. Volunteers at Saint Cecilia Parish who work with minors and vulnerable adults, and St. Cecilia School, must successfully complete the Safe Environment approval process before he or she may do so. As Saint Cecilia values safety, we have a gradual process for all parish volunteers so that starting at the age of 15, one is introduced to the safety training process and its values.

Safe Environment & Church Ministries